We decided to divide the 1/6 scale category into two - male and female figures.  A battle of the sexes, if you will.  A lot of you might be thinking to yourself (or shouting at your computer screen): "What does 1/6 scale mean!?!"  You'll see...

#5. Spider-Man TCF from Tonner


While a number of companies could have gotten away with placing a blank body within the Spider-Man suit...not Tonner.  They went all out and included the Toby Maguire sculpt underneath the mask.

#4. Bespin Luke Skywalker from Sideshow




Sideshow's Star Wars line is a definite favorite of collectors.  And who wasn't excited to see they'd be packaged Luke's severed stump of an arm with the Bespin figure?

#3. Jango Fett from Medicom


There were a few bright spots in the prequel Star Wars trilogy, and Jango Fett was definitely one of them.  Medicom's done a great job with the outfit, accessories and the head sculpt underneath the helmet.

#2. Boba Fett from Medicom



Back to back Fett's from Medicom.  They were both quality figures, but we gave Boba Fett the edge because we're fans of the originals.

#1. Captain Jack Sparrow TCF from Tonner - Winner!!


Disney has released a boatload of licensed Pirates of the Caribbean toys.  But Tonner's line stands out in both quality and attention to detail.  An amazing piece and our favorite figure of 2007.

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