Choosing the best artist of the year is almost always our most difficult choice.  Having one great figure might get you nominated, but it takes a consistent year of quality releases to win this award.

#5. Bob Dob




Bob Dob's Luey figures were some of our favorites of 2007.  And for that (and his great artwork), he makes our list.

#4. Patrick Ma


The Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo line grew by several new characters, some old characters were reinvented and we got to meet a number of baby cubs.

#3. Amanda Visell


Visell's Drunky McSkunky and Carnivorous Giraffe figures brought a new look to the designer toy scene.  We're looking forward to seeing more of her unique work in '08.

#2. David Horvath


We received a huge dose of Uglydoll plushies in 2007.  Plus...Bossy Bear, Kaiju For Grown Ups, books...and he was on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch.

#1. Erick Scarecrow - Winner!!


Not only did Erick Scarecrow release plush (Mousey Micci and Shiitakes) and vinyl (Liberty), but he has shown off a number of impressive products for next year (Old Skool Kaiju, Soopa Coin-Up Bros. and more Mousey Micci).

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