The mini line field rarely sees as many entries as the larger variety.  Only those figures that are shorter than 4" in height and are part of a released line are eligible.  This year, there were a number of worthy candidates...but we had to narrow the field to only five.

#5. Glyos System Series from Onell Design


These little action figures recall fond memories of the 1980's.  Yet, they are collectible and limited enough to be considered an art toy.

#4. Spider Baby Boom from Toy2R


Sun-Min's Spider Baby character is always one of our favorites.  And now that she's had some offspring, we had to give these little guys equal love.

#3. Finders Keepers from Kidrobot


All of those collectors who had been clamoring for new Joe Ledbetter figures were given an entire series full of new sculpts.  And Kidrobot came through with some quality figures.

#2. BUDS Series 2 from Jamungo


The second series of Blow Up Dolls was even more impressive than the initial release.  The participating artists created a great array of characters.  Is there a better platform toy available?

#1. IWG Baby Cubs from Rocket World - Winner!!


Patrick Ma, aka OtterX, introduced collectors to the offspring of the original Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo line.  Thankfully, there's been no breeding between members.  But they're cute, nonetheless.

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