As always, we like to give custom artists their just rewards for work well done.  So we've chosen five of the top customizers from the last year for our annual rundown.  You might see a few of the same names as last year, which shows you that these artists are consistently producing great customs.

#5. Nakanari


Tony Shiau, aka Nakanari, branched out with some new characters and designs in '07.  He's also using some new color schemes...but has stuck to that fun, cartoon look.

#4. Bob Conge


Conge is one of the primary designers at Plaseebo Custom.  His custom work is just as impressive as his original designs.  And they seem to feed off of one another.

#3. NVC Crew


Bao and Spive, the duo that make up the NVC Crew, create amazingly creative customs that are always complex and relevant.  Their next step is to produce their very own designer toy.

#2. M.Heisler


M.Heisler is known for his Slobot customs.  These little robotic creations were essentially the earliest robots, but as technology raced on...they were left all alone.  And you gotta love the above pictured Plastic and Plush Slobot.

#1. Doktor A - Winner!!


The above custom completely sold me on Doktor A as #1.  Amazing!  And the rest of his stuff is equally as impressive.  When will the good Doktor  release his own figure?

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