So what makes a well sculpted piece?  A realistic, lifelike look...a complex figure...a great representation of an animation.  The top 5 of this year include all of those.

#5. Buboicullar from Sideshow Toy

Bubo1's that frog/dog vinyl figure from Jabba's Palace in Return of the Jedi.  The attention to detail is pretty amazing.

#4. Harriet Carney from Carnival Cartoons


Last year, Buzz Carney finished in the top 3  in this award...and the guys from Carnival Cartoons did another great job on the bearded lady.

#3. Luey from STRANGEco




Bob Dob's characters were brought to vinyl life from painting.  And Luey didn't lose an ounce of creepiness.

#2. Legend of Plaseebo by Plaseebo


Bob Conge did a fun mash up of baby doll parts and original sculpting on the mummy figure.  And the sarcophagus has a gritty realness to it.

#1. Mary Jane Watson TCF from Tonner Doll Company - Winner!!


By far the most realistic sculpt of the year.  The Kirsten Dunst...err...Mary Jane Watson Tonner Character Figure is from the Spider-Man 3 line and our favorite head sculpt of 2007.

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