Two New Suckadelic Bootlegs

If you thought that Suckadelic was done with 2007 after they released their Sucklord Vinyl figure...not so fast.  They're back with two new Suckadelic bootlegs.



SUCKLORD 6: This is a new style of figure Suckadelic is working on - the SUCKPEG.  The new Sucklord 6, is a wee little cute remix of their first vile
offering...the Notorious SUCKLORD 66.  Everything from that nightmare
plastic glob is re-created here, from the bad xerox blister pack to the
uneven spraypaint.  Even the charming message hand written on the back of
the original is carefully re-created on this adorable little child-hazard.
The Figure is just over 2" high in a 5"x6" blistercard. Only $20.00 from Suckadelic.




Here is the new, very limited colorway of the old classic, suggested by
COAT of ARMS NYC. This shining Gold and fly Metallic Purple
hottie is limited to 22 pieces. Only 10 are currently available through Suckadelic, so act quick. Only $30.00.

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