Remember when the Pirates of the Caribbean was just a silly little ride at Disneyworld?  You say the phrase nowadays, and the first thing people think about is the Johnny Depp led Disney film trilogy...not the musky smelling ride.

Well, Tonner Doll Company picked up the Pirates’ film license and has produced a line of Tonner Character Figures based on the movie likenesses of Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightly).  For purposes of this review, we’ll be looking at the Jack Sparrow TCF.




The packaging for the Pirates of the Caribbean line is similar in style to other Tonner Character Figure lines.  The box art does differ, with the Pirates logo as well as a map-like background.  As always, Tonner does a tiptop job of keeping the figure secure (and easy to remove).





The Figure

The Captain Jack Sparrow Tonner Character Figure is approximately 17”
in height
and has 14 points of articulation.  The sculpt is an accurate
likeness of Johnny Depp from the Pirates of Caribbean trilogy.  The
figure has a vinyl head as well as a hard plastic body.  The rooted saran
hair is pre-styled with braids as well as beads.  And Capt. Jack’s
goatee is both sculpted/painted and has two strands of fake hair.

The figure is limited to a run of 5,000 pieces and comes with a number
of accessories as well as a display stand.  Jack Sparrow’s clothing
includes a topcoat, vest, unbuttoned shirt, pants and brown boots.
Other accessories include two waist belts (one is a gun holster – gun
included), a chest belt that holds the figure’s sword, a pink and white
sash, a red headband and a leather hat.


Our Opinion

I’ll state it right here…the Jack Sparrow Tonner Character Figure is
one of the top 10 items reviewed on the site in 2007.  The details and
accessories on this piece are top notch.  There was so much effort put
into the figure that I have probably not noticed all of the minute
details yet.

So are there any issues?  Just a pet peeve.  This is one Tonner
Character Figure that would have benefited from the use of specifically
sculpted hands that could have allowed for a realistic grip of the
sword and pistol.  However, that is easily overlooked considering the
amazing work on this figure as a whole.

And if you were wondering what happened to Orlando Bloom’s character
(Will Tuner), Tonner plans on releasing a figure based on that
character in 2008.


You can pick one up at the following:

The Urban Stash: $179.99 $179.99

Jack Sparrow TCF Grades:

Quality: 10/10
Paint: 9/10
Durability: 8/10
Hype: 9/10
Fun Factor: 10/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: 9.6/10






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