Spök-spök and Spökelina are from Öreboro, where they lived in a castle…until it was turned into a factory.  With the factory producing road cones, the Spök-spöks were set free.  But something went wrong at the factory, and the first traffic cone came out blue instead of orange.  His name is Baron Von Kon and lives with Herr Leverfläck (a mole who once lived on the nose of a notorious pirate), Toofhairy (an au-pair tooth from Scotland) and the Spök-spöks in a forest.

Daniel Svanberg, you can call him Spök-spök, is the artist responsible for the line of plushies.  He’s originally from Sweden, hence the ö, but is living in Boston.  So far, four of the characters have been released in plush form: Spök-spök, Spökelina, Toofhairy and Baron Von Kon.





Each plush is hidden inside of a drawstring bag.  While Spök-spök and Spökelina are packaged in felt bags, Toofhairy and Baron Von Kon are contained within cotton bags.  All of the bags have artwork pertaining to the line as well as a tag with info (although it’s written in Swedish).



The Figures



Spök-spök and Spökelina are each around 9 ½” in height and 7” wide.  Since they are boyfriend and girlfriend, each plush has a small magnet in his/her hand (in Spök-spök’s left hand and Spökelina’s right hand) so they can do the boyfriend-girlfriend thing and hold hands.




Toofhairy is 8” tall by 7” wide by 4” deep.  Whoever’s mouth Toofhairy came out of had impeccable dental hygiene.  That’s one happy looking tooth…and no tarter!



Baron Von Kon is around 8” tall with a 7” wide base.  The good baron looks like a giant Hershey’s Kiss…if giant Hershey’s Kisses were blue and had grumpy dispositions.

Our Opinion

We’re fans of plush here at Plastic and Plush…even if it is the second part of our name.  And something nice and simple is often just as eye pleasing as a complex, multi-colored piece.  The Spök-spök crew would definitely be on the simple end of the spectrum.

The shapes are rather basic, with Toofhairy as possibly the most complex.  And each plush maxes out using three different colors.  It sorta reminds me of a friend who would say “she’s not hot, but she has a great personality”.  These characters have great personality, fun back-stories and each is extremely well produced.

Personally, I would have to rank Toofhairy as my favorite character in the line.  I would have to guess that the soft, sleek plush is a molar.  Toofhairy would be followed by Spök-spök with Spökelina in a close third (only because I like blue over pink).  Heading up the rear would be Baron Von Kon.  It might be due to my aversion to candy corn.


Wholesale inquiries can contact DKE Toys.

You can pick one up at the following:

Monkeyhouse Toys: Spök-spök, Spökelina - $20 ea.  Toofhairy, Baron Von Kon - Currently Not in Stock

Spök-spök Grades:

Quality: 9/10
Stitching: 9/10
Durability: 10/10
Hype: 9/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 9/10
Overall: 9.4/10

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