The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching.  Before you know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving and you still won’t know what to pick up for the man-child in your life.  Well, we’ve found something that will entertain just about anyone – Battle Wheels.


Okay…Battle Wheels are not designer vinyl, nor are they plush.  What they are is radio-controlled warriors that fight it out on your command.  For this reason, I’d recommend picking up two.  How fun would it be fighting against the cardboard cutout robot on the bottom of the box?

So what’s their story?  In the future, kingdoms are ruled and defended by armies of giant robots skilled in the art of hand-to-hand combat.  Battles are won and lost in the pits, where each warrior fights his best to defend the honor and glory of his world.  Only the bravest and the best warrior can rule the world and win the rank of Battle Wheels champion.



There are currently four different warriors: VUL (red), TYR (blue),
BASHAMON (green), and KAGU-TSUCHI (yellow).  Each RC figure comes
equipped with weapons and a shield.  With two large wheels for power,
and two smaller wheels to steady the figure, you can move forward,
backwards and spin around. 

The object of the battle is to pop your opponent’s head off.  This is
done by hitting a large button in the center of the robot’s chest.
Also, each robot has protective body armor that you can pop off using
the supplied weapons and/or brute strength.  And all robots include a
27MHz remote which can be set to 3 different channels (A, B or C) depending on the
Battle Wheels’ preset.


My assessment is that these are obviously toys made for fun.  They’ll
probably not be left displayed on your shelf.  But they are not just
kids’ toys.  Although, if you have children, I’m sure they’d enjoy
playing with Battle Wheels just as much as any adult will.

Currently, you can pick up any of the 4 individual Battle Wheels characters at for a little less than $30.  You'll need a 9-volt battery for the remote as well as 4 AA's for the Battle Wheels robot.

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