Kozik fans rejoice!  Dark Horse is teaming up with everyone’s favorite Smorkin’ artist to release 112 pages of full color reading (it’s actually more viewing than reading) in the Plasticland book.  The 9” wide by 13” tall hardcover bookoffers a fascinating look at the creation and end result of modern toy design. A dazzling photographic record of all Kozik's production and custom pieces through early 2006, the book also features his new works in serigraphy and oil painting.”  (However, I didn’t see Kozik’s Superstars and Los Locos figures…probably for good reason.)

This book is a must-have for Frank Kozik fans and is definitely recommended for any designer toy collectors.  The photos are amazing and it’s actually written by Kozik.  Amazon.com has Plasticland available for pre-order (currently $19.77), since it’s not released until December 19th.



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