STRANGEco has announced the impending release of Luey from the SoCal based artist Bob Dob.  The 5" tall vinyl figures might look a little familiar.  You might have seen them in Bob Dob's paintings...or maybe you saw the SDCC exclusive grayscale set. 

Luey, otherwise known as the
"Universal Bad Habit", is one of the most iconic
characters weaved throughout Dob's visual
narratives. As minions of the devil, there are many
Lueys around and they are always up to some form
of no good. "Bob Dob's paintings are filled with great,
fully rendered character design," states Jim Crawford,
co-founder of STRANGEco. "We're happy to begin
showcasing his great work in vinyl form with Luey,
the most recognizable irreverent design of them all."

The Raging, Smoking and Drinking Luey figures will each sell for about $19.99 and should begin hitting retailers in October.

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