It's less than two weeks until the conclusion of our Shiitakes Sightings contest.  You still have a little time to get your Shroom and snap some photos...

Esc-Toy Ltd & Plastic and Plush are very proud to announce the Shiitakes Sightings contest! All you have to do is get your hands on a Shiitake from series 1 and take the most funny and original photo.  1 submission entry per household and only digital photo files are accepted.   No explicit images using nudity, drug content, or gore will be accepted.   No DIY Shiitakes can be entered.  The contest is open worldwide and all submissions can be mailed to: shiitakescontest@gmail.com.

All entries must be entered by 10/01/07 and no later than 11:59PM EST.  The prizes for the most original entries are...

3rd prize***
$50 gift certificate Rotofugi
2 signed Shiitakes secret colorways

2nd prize**
$50 gift certificate Myplasticheart
1 Signed set of Shiitakes collection

1st prize*
$50 gift certificate Toy Tokyo
Signed Sketch by creator Erick Scarecrow
1 Signed set of Shiitakes collection
1 ULTRA RARE 12" World Champ Boxer Shiitake
12” vinyl Liberty Esc-Toy exclusive

Shiitakes Series 1 can be purchased at Strangekiss.com or the ESC Toy store.  Original colorways limited to 100 pieces each worldwide and secret colorways available at 50 pieces worldwide. The winner will be announced on 10-15-07.


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