Technological advancements have given us video games, 1,000 cable channels, hi-definition, iPods and countless other products to distract us.  So, how does something as seemingly archaic as a board game elicit excitement?  Well, this is no ordinary board game…it’s Cranium WOW.


Cranium WOW is the latest iteration in the immensely popular Cranium line of games.  The game is recommended for teens and adults, not due to any saucy content, but because of the difficulty of the game.  You still have to draw, sculpt, hum, whistle, act out and answer some difficult questions.


So how does the game work?  You need between two and four teams of two people to play.  Each team gets to choose from one of the four Gary Baseman inspired vinyl movers (and add a hat or hairdo for more fun).  As you make your way around the game board, you pull cards from categories such as Data Head, Creative Cat, Word Worm and Star Performer.  There are pencils, pads of paper, and sculpting clay included with the game.  You supply the imagination and talent.


If you’ve never played Cranium, you’re missing out on a ton of fun.
Personally, it’s one of my favorite board games.  With the four
categories of questions, what you’re asked to do varies from turn to turn.  And
now they have added the Baseman inspired vinyl movers.  There are
twelve total designs, however, only four are packaged with each game.
Cranium will be making all of the vinyl pieces available to purchase,
without having to buy a game.


So what’s our final rating of Cranium WOW?  I’d give it a 10 out of
.  They have added vinyl movers and 600 new game cards to one of the
most entertaining board games out there.  What’s not to love about that?

Pick it up at for $29.99.




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