Upper Deck is set to release 9 new football variants over the next two months.  Brett Favre, Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady were some of the first athletes released from the All-Star Vinyl line.  The variants will include a Black Edition, an Away Jersey Edition and a Retro Jersey Edition.  Both the Favre and Brady figures will include helmets, which the original release lacked.  Since Big Ben is wearing a reversed cap, it would be tough to get a helmet over that.


The following release dates are for Platinum Club members and the General Public:

Favre: PC - September 4th  GP - September 5th (9:04 AM PST)
Roethlisberger: PC - September 12th  GP - September 13th (9:07 AM PST)
Brady: PC - October 1st  GP - October 2nd (9:12 AM PST)


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