Suckadelic and the Sucklord have introduced two new evil-doers...Star Chump and Proto-Villain.




This guy is even worse than the Goddam GALACTIC JERK-BAG.  At least with that guy you knew what you were getting.  This Stellar Douche Bag appears capable and reliable, but look out!  He is a full-on bullshit artist who is lazy, flaky, and passive- aggressive.  Like you will have this big scheme going and he will have an important part of it.  Just when it is coming together he will suddenly start questioning things and undermining the whole project.  He will contradict what he said before, take forever to get anything done, and then get all insecure.  You are really better off just doing it yourself...




You know what would be really cool?  Some kind of Space opera movie in the spirit of those old FLASH GORDON Serials from the 1950s.  It would be like part heroic fantasy, part western but with a lot of mythology tossed in.  There would have to be a really cool villain in it too.  Like a big evil robot guy who was like a combination of a Nazi, a samurai, and the Black Knight all rolled into one.  He would have this deep voice and some kind of cosmic power and he could choke people.  I bet he would have a cool weapon like a lightning sword or something.  Nah, actually that’s a stupid idea...

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