Since the early 1980’s, My Little Pony has been a household name, bringing joy and inspiring imagination for both children and adult collectors alike. As the brand celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year, a new book by Summer Hayes, The My Little Pony G3 Collector’s Inventory, provides the missing piece that allows the newest generation of pony fans to continue in the tradition of collecting by providing the first full color illustrated guide book to all ponies, playsets and accessories released since 2003. This new title from Priced Nostalgia Press’s Collector’s Inventory series provides fans of the toys with simple checklists to keep track of the many accessories and small parts that came with each item and with large full color photos to allow for simple identification and organization. In simple language to accommodate both adult collectors and children who love to play with My Little Pony, this book serves as both an introduction to collecting and a tool for advanced collectors.

I will admit that, as a male, I never played with or collected My Little Pony as a kid...but I'm sure that my sister and my wife did.  So the book should definitely appeal to the children of the 80's...even if the book is only based on the 3rd Generation of figures.