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20 Qwezshuns by Attaboy


The first 10 of 20 hand-painted, resin cast art figures of Qwezshun, the Axtrx's misunderstood big brother, will be available from Attaboy at Comic Con.  The remaining 10 will be available to the internet buying public on August 1st.

Each set will include:
-handmade wooden box made by Because We Can
-it's own corresponding # cut thru the box!
-a specially designed display stand inside
-a lid, hand painted by Atta with hand painted message on the bottom
-stacking base

Each figure is different, very rare and special, limit 1 per person.  At the Attaboy/Hifructose Booth at SanDiego ComicCon!


10″ QEE D.I.Y. Project: Bart Simpson Exhibit


Celebrating the opening of the first Simpsons Movie and on the heels of the San Deigo Comic Con, Toy2R and Diamond Comics invite you to head down Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles to Meltdown Comics (Melt Gallery).  The opening of the 10" Qee Custom D.I.Y. Exhibit will take place on August 1st from 7PM to 11PM.  This will be the first gallery stop on the worldwide tour which includes stops in New York, Paris, Chicago, Florence, and Hong Kong. More than 50 different custom Bart Simpson Qees will be on display.

10" Qee DIY Project: Bart Simpson Art Exhibition
August 1, 2007 from 7PM until 11PM
Meltdown Comics / Gallery
7522 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(322) 851-7223

Wundurra the Eco-Playtpus at Comic Con


Rocket World will be dropping the I.W.G.'s Wundurra the
at Comic Con.  It'll be available starting on Preview Night (Wednesday July 25th) at Booth #4733.  The serial numbered special edition figure will be limited to a run of 100 pieces and will retail for $40.  So, bring two Andrew Jackson's...or bring one Ulysses S. Grant and get back an Alexander Hamilton. 

REVIEW: Erick Scarecrow’s Liberty



It’s not often that a designer toy stirs up any kind of controversy.  However, when Erick Scarecrow revealed his Liberty vinyl figure at New York Comic Con, he did just that.  There’s nothing risqué or disturbing about the figure, it’s just that he has stylized a symbol of freedom and America.  But is the Statue of Liberty off limits?

Liberty is the first figure released from Scarecrow’s Liquis Series.  It was produced by Kaching Brands, and released back in February.  There are currently a few variants available, but we will be looking at the original colorway.



The packaging is somewhat unique.  The window front is actually about half of a window.  One half is a drawing of the figure, while you can see through the other side to the figure.

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Murphy Designs Art Books at SDCC


Murphy Design Art Books will be presenting 15 high-quality art book titles at Comic Con International.  Visit Mark Murphy at Booth #4933 and check out two new book releases including two new releases: Brandon Boyd's From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss and Jeff Soto's Lucky Thirteen Calendar and Zine package limited to 1,500 signed copies.  If you stop by you will receive a limited edition art card for Ray Caesar and the new Murphy Design Art Book catalog.

STRANGEco Booth Schedule


STRANGEco has revealed one of their previously secret Comic Con Exclusives - Dean Bradley's exclusive Mainframe figure.  They also have let it known what their signing schedule will look like.  So, if you are into getting your items endorsed by some of today's to artists...check out the following list:

Thursday - Noon to 1PM - Simone Legno of tokidoki
His first signing for the show, featuring an exclusive toy set from STRANGEco!

Friday - Noon to 1PM - Dean Bradley
The world premiere of his iconic MAINFRAME vinyl figures, including a special release of the "Night Rider" camo edition.

Saturday - Noon to 1PM - Bob Dob

So Cal Artist Bob Dob will be signing the new LUEY vinyl figure, which
is making a bit of a splash hither and yon. They'll also have a special
limited-edition print, too.

REVIEW: FreeBento Exclusive Nehanda



Rocket World has been racking up exclusive variants of their Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo (I.W.G.) rotocast vinyl figures.  One of the newest exclusives is Nehanda the Pink Elephant, which you can only pick up at  Nehanda is a variant of the Candace the African Elephant vinyl, from Series 4.

Now, if you don’t know the story behind the I.W.G., where have you been the past few years?  Welcome to the world of designer toys!  Remember that a portion of the proceeds are donated to various Non-Profit Wildlife Groups.



Considering that Nehanda is one of the largest figures in the line, it’s fitting that she also is packaged in one of the largest boxes.  However, there’s not a lot of wasted space in this packaging.  Series 4 all has the same box design (Nehanda is a variant from this series), which shows what characters are in the series as well as the usual reading for your perusal.

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SDCC Exclusives at the DKE Toys Booth

Booth #4832 - belonging to DKE Toys - is shaping up to have a pretty varied group of Comic Con Exclusives.  Not only will there be exclusives...but they will also have the following signings:

Thursday July 26th

Friday July 27th

Noon - 1PM: Muttpop
1PM - 2PM: Jamungo

Saturday July 28th
1PM - 2PM: Suckadelic

SDCC Exclusives


The Treasures of Long Gone John DVD
500 pieces - $35 each


Mystery 15" Circus Punk by Huck Gee
50 pieces - $100 each


Orange GID Firefly Treeson from Crazy Label
300 pieces - $30 each


Kumanogollo Plush from CWC
20 pieces - $30 each

* * * * MANY MORE AFTER THE JUMP * * * *

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Apexplorers by Winson Creation


The upcoming figure from Winson Creation and Hot Toys is T-rex (Ice Version)...the newest figure from his Apexplorers line.  The 12” tall action figure is a limited edition of 300 pieces.

This 1/6th scale figure comes with full set of uniform and accessories:

Waterproof outfit with pants; Interchangeable hands with gloves; Insulated wristlet; Hiking boots; Waist belt;  Canon EOS 5D Camera; Racked back-pack; Detector; Laser Gun featured with drill; Ice chisel; Mountain-climbing buckles and rope; Grenades.


Think-UP from Miscreation Toys


Jeremi Rimel (creator of Autopsy Baby dolls) has created a new vinyl figure called Think-UP for the vinyl art toy company - Miscreation Toys.  Think-UP is a blank do-it-yourself vinyl bust that comes in 2 different base styles (standard and creature).  If you'll be at SDCC, check out the DKE Toys booth (#4832) for a glimpse at the figure.  A release date will be announced soon.