On July 17th at 9AM PDT, Upper Deck is launching their own Platinum Club for devoted fans and collectors of their All Star Vinyl figures.  Dubbed the ASV Platinum Club by Upper Deck, membership is limited initially to only 500 lucky fans and rewards each handsomely.   

With only initial admittance of 500 members and a one time payment of $100, ASV Platinum club members will each receive an extremely rare Platinum Edition Sidney Crosby figure (in all black with metallic silver highlights).  Additional benefits include a one-hour early access to all ASV figures released, enabling fans to scoop up new figures before they are released to the public and a chance to buy the event-exclusive figures.  Members will have access to Platinum Club exclusive releases of ASV figures throughout the year which will not be available to the public, and they will have the ability to shape the future of the line by voting for both upcoming players and Jersey selection.


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