Are you excited about Upper Deck's All-Star Vinyl Platinum Club yet?  The premium club is for the hardcore ASV fans, and since there are only 500 spots open in this initial admittance, it's for the hardest of hardcore fans.

In order to sign up, you'll need to check out the ASV site at 9AM PDT (noon on the east coast) on Tuesday July 17th and cough up a one time dues payment of $100.  Not bad, IMO.  Those lucky 500 members will all receive the Sidney Crosby Platinum Edition figure.


You'll also receive:

Access to future releases prior to the general public and to the Members Only Forum

Opportunity to purchase all ASV figure releases (including past and future Event  Exclusives! - details TBA)

Contribute and shape the future of the ASV line by voting for upcoming player and jersey selections

Exclusive Platinum Club product releases


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