In stock NOW at Frozen Empire Toys:

10" Smorkin' Labbit by Kozik / Kidrobot (Green Glow, Blue Glow & White)
Jake, The Amazing Smorkin' Watermelon - 5 Pack by Kozik / Kidrobot
2.5" Smoking Anarchy Qee Series by Kozik / Toy2R
MELLOW by Christopher Lee / Wheaty Wheat
3" Aluminum BUD
by Rob Jones / Jamungo
The Maniac by Skwak / Mindstyle
Mini MUNNY Mobile by Kidrobot
Original Red Demon by Muttpop
Original Mini Gobi by Muttpop
Clutter Magazine #10
Moneygrip by Kano

Lots of great new items are on the horizon for this summer, so be sure to keep an eye on the Frozen Empire Toys website for frequent updates!

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