Zoobie Pets are a new 3-in-1 plush toy for children of all ages.  The company was started by two brothers, who were looking to create an innovative plush for children.  Each pet is not only a plush toy, but also a pillow as well as a soft, comfortable blanket.

The first series on Zoobie Pets is the Safari Collection.  There are currently 12 different characters…from hippos to lions to monkeys.  For this review, we got our hands on Winda the Wildebeest.



Since it’s a plush line, there is no packaging to review.  Each Zoobie has a tag that is attached to the animals’ collar.  The tag shows all three forms the plush can take, and has helpful instructions that show you how to fold your Zoobie Pet’s blanket.


The Figure

Winda the Wildebeest (and each Zoobie Pet) is made out of several different materials.  The
soft fur on the body is a little shorter than what is on Winda’s face.
Her face is made of stretchable spandex (like those biker shorts you
probably wore in the 80’s) and stuffed with soft beads.  The underbelly
and blanket are both made of a soft polyester, fleece-like material.


Each Zoobie is tagged (on the ear) and collared, so they can’t escape.  Winda is approximately 15“ long and approximately 6“ tall (in Pet form).

To transform from a Pet to a Pillow, you’ll want to undo the Velcro
tabs on the plush’s belly.  Then, you can unzip the back of the toy to
pull out the blanket section.  The blanket can actually be unzipped
from the toy, so you can wash it separately.


Our Opinion

The Zoobie Pet line puts a fun spin on your children’s plush line.  But
at the same time, it’s fun for adult plush collectors.  With over ten
different characters, you’re bound to find one safari animal to your
liking.  I would guess that there will be more collections in the
future…maybe dogs, cats, horses, etc. 
What makes this plush line unique is the 3-in-1 design.  It will keep
the kids entertained at home and on road trips.  It’s a great travel
companion…and even puppies love them!

You can pick one up at the following: Winda the Wildebeest - $27.95

Winda the Wildebeest Grades: 

Quality: 9/10 
Stitching: 9/10

Durability: 10/10

Hype: 6/10
Fun Factor: 10/10 
Value: 9/10 
Overall: 9.0/10







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