This morning was a bad morning.  Already retching from a stomach bug, I heard a loud crash that sounded like an earthquake.  I'm not a seismologist, but I'm pretty sure earthquakes are not commonplace in North Carolina.  So I ran downstairs to check out what I believed to be the culprit...a pesky shelving system in our laundry room that likes to come unhinged every once in a while. was fine.

So my life flashes before my eyes (it probably wasn't that dramatic) and I run upstairs to my office.  I had just finished putting in a shelving system this past weekend...set all of my favorite toys on it to display.  I open up the door to what I can only compare to depictions of the Gettysburg battle scene.  Body parts strewn all over the floor.  Crushed boxes. 

So what happened?  Well, I've watched enough CSI in my lifetime to be an amateur crime scene investigator.  I believe the top shelf ripped out of the wall (anchors and all) and tumbled down on the bottom 2 shelves, taking everything down with it.  These were 7 foot long shelves, by 1 foot deep...perty big.

What was destroyed?  I must IWG figures took the brunt of the punishment.  The antenna for the mini IWG rocket ship snapped off (I can't even find it), Affonso the rhino has a huge battle scar across the front of his face and the chainsaw accessory that comes with the Sasquatch figure has snapped.  Other than's just a TON of paint exchange.  If you own vinyl toys, you know that this comes with the territory.

Maybe I'll add some photos to this post a little later in the day...but for now...I think I might be sick.

Update:  Pretty much all was able to be saved...except for what is listed above.  The wall anchors I used before just pulled right out of the wall.  So this time...we're going with heavy duty toggle bolts!

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