Lots of great new items have been arriving daily at Frozen Empire Toys. Have a look at their new additions, in stock and available NOW!

Veil: Specimen 129 - Pink
by Jermaine Rogers / Strangeco
Hazmapo 12" - Kowpo by Kow Kamo / Unklbrand
El Panda - Edicon Anarchista by Kozik / Muttpop
GooN - Metallic Purple (Stitch Edition)
by Touma / Wonderwall
GooN - Immoral by Touma / Wonderwall
DAZ - Memono in Brown Jacket by Dez Einswell
DAZ - Rhyno in Grey Rhyno Costume by Dez Einswell
Dumb Dummies by Toby HK / Kaching Brands
The Lad & Dog Boxset by The London Police / Adfunture
Toxic Swamp 2.5" Qee Series by Joe Ledbetter / Toy2r - Blind Box & Cases Available
Toxic Swamp Dog Qee by Joe Ledbetter / Toy2r - BROWN  (re-stock)
Toxic Swamp Dog Qee
by Joe Ledbetter / Toy2r - BLUE  (re-stock)
Gama-Go - Kaiju De Young Mens T-Shirt - BLACK  (M,L,XL)

In stock VERY SOON:

New Spring 2007 Line of Apparel by Gama-Go - Hoodies, T's and More!
Alpha-Gaichou (black painted version - edition of 350) by Tim Biskup
The Moofia by Tokidoki - Complete Set of 8 Figures (re-stock)
Alphabeast - 100% Calli Bearbrick by Tim Biskup
Chaz & Daz by Motomichi Nakamura / Android8
Clear Orange Magman by Touma / Wonderwall
Muttpop - El Panda Classico (re-stock)
Mini-Goon's by Touma / Wonderwall
Unklbrand T-Shirts - Various Styles
GID Squbes by Ferg / Jamungo

In stock LATER:

Toxic Swamp Dog 8" Qee (Orange) by Joe Ledbetter / Toy2R
Sluggonadon in Clear Blue by Joe Ledbetter / Wonderwall
Sluggonadon in Pink by Joe Ledbetter / Wonderwall
Rolitoboy - Green Love Nature by Rolito / Toy2R
I.W.G. Special Bear Service Set by Strangeco
I.W.G. Force Recon Covert Set by Strangeco
Mellow by Christopher Lee / Wheaty Wheat
GID Magman by Touma / Wonderwall
Bossy Bear by David Horvath / Toy2R
2.5" OXOP Series 3 Qee by Toy2R

Keep an eye on the site for frequent updates  🙂

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