YOU have a chance to choose the "A Better Tomorrow" series of Trexi figures.  Follow the link in order to cast your vote.  Remember to fill in your email address after you
have voted to enter the lucky draw contest and win yourself some great prizes.
This series will be released in May/June 2007.

Voting Rules

  • Voting starts on February 14th through February 26th.
  • Each person is only allowed 1 vote
    so be sure to pick carefully!
  • Please enter a valid email
    address for a chance to win great prizes if you're one of the lucky few who pick
    the eventual winners.
  • Winner will be notified via email and it will be posted on Trexi's website

  • Grand Prizes: 3 lucky winners
    will walk away with one (1) 10-inch Coke Macau trexi, and one full set of
    1.5-inch Coke Macau trexis plus Coca-Cola goodies!
  • Consolation Prizes:  10
    winners will get one full set of 1.5-inch Coke Macau trexis

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