The Uglydoll family will grow by leaps and bounds in 2007.  Toy Fair (sorta) introduced us to the 6 new characters that will be launched this year.  "So who are they?" you might be asking...  Well, there's Abima, Gato Deluxe, Deer Ugly, Uglyworm, TooDee and Big Toe!  Of course, they will all be available in the normal array of sizes (4", 7", 12"-14", 24").  So let's meet 'em!

Big Toe (February 2007)


Big Toe is very busy, but he's going to take care of everything. Just watch. At first, Big Toe might seem a little slow... until lyou realize he's always one step ahead. Those donuts you were saving for tomorrow? Gone. Those leftovers from the picnic? Done. Big Toe's on top of things! An unstoppable force of knowledge, Big Toe's got the scoop on all the latest info, and knows what's going down at all times... Except for when it comes to you. What's up with you? Big Toe wants to know.

TooDee (March 2007)


TooDee is curious about everything. If he had a nose, it would be in everything. What's this? What's that? TooDee's questions drive Jeero up the wall. We all know how much Jeero loves questions. So TooDee is going to be looking to you for all the answers. When you're pretending to have them all, be sure to keep a straight face and look TooDee right in the eyes... or at his three front teeth. Oh and TooDoo like Grape Drink. No question about that. (He's purple.)

(April 2007)


Uglyworms want power. The power to do great and wonderful things. They want your power. You know that thing you do? Uglyworms want to do that. And you know those things you can't do? Uglyworms know you CAN do those things. They think you're bluffing. Oh what power! Some Uglyworms are sneaky. Some are crafty. All are hungry... For knowledge... Like where do you keep the carrot cake? How long before ice cream goes bad? Knowledge is power.

Deer Ugly (June 2007)


Deer Ugly lives in the forest where it's nice and quiet. Yeah but deep down, he's thinking: "Please take me home with you!" The nice quiet forest is great, but Deer Ugly wants to see the world... YOUR world! He wants to explore the fantastic places you frequent. Like that room with the desk and computer? What is THAT for? Not much I guess. Please write letters to Deer Ugly. No, not emails. Real letters with real paper! But, how would you begin such a letter? Deer Ugly!

Gato Deluxe (July 2007)


Gato Deluxe is all that! He's got it going on big time! Just look at him! He's got a nose, some hands and enough confidence to make you think he's up to something fantastic! Or at least that's Gato Deluxe on the outside. On the inside, Gato Deluxe is a real sweetheart who knows he's all that, big time. Wait, that's the same. That's right baby! Gato Deluxe is walking down the street! Like I had to tell you! Try not to stare! Meow!

Abima (September 2007)


Abima is out of control! He's got his hand in the cookie jar, and his mind on the next adventure, which is probably going to involve bouncing off the walls and knocking over expensive stuff. He only knocks over the expensive stuff. Not to worry though. Abima is very protective and would always watch out for you. Are you scared of the dark? So is Abima! Oh. Anyway, Abima loves to visit his favorite cousin Wage. They look like they could be related, right? Maybe he's your cousin too.







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