The readers had a chance to voice their collective opinions regarding their favorite, and least favorite, designer toys of 2006.  We'll list your top 5 choices (in order).  If you don't agree, we encourage you to use the comments section and let everyone know your opinion.

Favorite Artist:



1. Joe Ledbetter
2. David Horvath
3. Tokidoki
4. Tim Biskup
5. Sun-Min

Most Outstanding Company:


2. Toy2R
3. Kidrobot
4. Pretty Ugly Inc.
5. Wonderwall

Best Toy Line:


1. Uglydolls
2. Dunny
3. Qee
4. Kaiju for Grownups
5. Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo

Worst Toy:


1. Heatherette The Empire
2. Mr. Bumper
3. Sho Po Plop
4. Dunny
5. Labbits

Plush Toy of the Year:

1. Wee Ninja (Shawnimals)
2. Naked Malfi (Friends With You)
3. Fluffy Bad Bad
4. Chuckanucka (Uglydolls)
5. Peaco (Uglydolls)

Toy of the Year:


1. Treeson
2. Mothman (Horvath)
3. Kaws Dissected
4. TADO Love Dunny
5. Mr. Bumper

There you have it!  Strange that Mr. Bumper made the best and worst lists.  I guess collectors love him or hate him - personally, I love the guy!

And here are the 4 winners of the prize packs:
Jen Sparenberg
Robert Cawley
Caroline Thibault
Daniel Orosco

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