Now that we're announcing the big time awards (Plush TOTY and Vinyl TOTY), we've upped the recognized toys from 3 to 10.  In order to be considered, the toy needs to be (50% or more) made of plush - whatever that is - and released in the past year (2006).

10. Naked Malfi from Friends With You


What would a Best Of Plush be without Friends With You??  Sam and Tury are veterans in the plush game...then is Malfi.

9. Evil Icecream from Lazysmash


Kerry Horvath and Darth Rimmer teamed up to make melting ice cream a little less messy...and a little more evil.

8. My Beating Heart from Banana Design Lab


A vibrating heart pillow??  Yury Gitman's innovative design incorporates a heartbeat along with a comfortable heart-shaped pillow.  I recommend this and earplugs for when the wife is watching American Idol.

7. Chuckanucka from Uglydolls


David and Sun-Min released several new designs this past year.  After revealing Chuckanucka at Toy Fair, fans had a few months to practice spelling the character's name.

6. Zombie Hamsters from John Pinkerton


John Pinkerton is a master at what he does.  What's that, you ask?  He sculpts, sews, paints, casts....  He creates some of the best original toys available.

5. Spider Boom from Toy2R


Toy2R jumped into the plush toy fray by releasing Sun-Min's Spider Boom plushies.  You might not want to squish or use Raid on this friendly, pie-eating spider.

4. Wee Ninja from Shawnimals


Shawn Smith's Wee Ninja might look sweet and simple, but he has moves that would make Ralph Macchio blush.

3. Baby Hellhound from Play Imaginative


Play Imaginative is another of the larger vinyl toy companies who has jumped into the plush arena.  Touma has added plush designer to an already vast resume.

2. Peaco from Uglydolls


The second of the 2006 Uglydolls on our list is one that sorta snuck up on us! it's sneaked.  Either way, we loved the color combination on this guy.  Yes...a man can wear pink.

1. FluffyBadBad from OhNo!Doom - WINNER!!


Don't put your fingers too close to this little might just lose one.  I feel that plushies like FluffyBadBad are the wave of the future...plush softness with vinyl attitude.

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