You're probably asking yourself...what makes a "toy line"?  We like to define it as at least 3 or more figures in like-packaging under the same title.  But then again...what do we know??


3. Zliks by Andrew Bell and Wheaty Wheat Studios

Andrew Bell's "Creatures In My Head" crawled out of his head and into our collections this past year.  Wheaty Wheat went crazy producing 9 different Zlik variants, with each set made up of 3 figures.


2. Star Wars 1/6 Scale Line by Sideshow

Sideshow's 12" tall figure line had Star Wars fans clamoring for more heroes and villains from all 6 films.  The company plans to release more figures throughout the upcoming year.


1. MAD*L Artist Series by Wheaty Wheat Studios - WINNER!!

What happens when you take 6 of the top designers and allow them to design their own MAD*L figure?  Well, you get one of the hottest lines of 2006.  MAD, Sket, Mimic, Frank Kozik, TADO and Chris Lee all brought out the best in the platform toy.

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