This is always one of the most difficult choices of the year.  There are so many talented artists out there that it troubles me to choose just one.  We're not only concerned with quality...but also quantity.


#3.  Touma

Touma worked with Play Imaginative on several Trexi designs as well as the Baby Hellhound and Grabbit plushies.  There was also Mephist Festa, Knuckle Bear, Goon and Magman.


#2.  Tokidoki

Simone Legno
, also known as tokidoki, released his Cactus Friends and Moofia figures (vinyl and plush).  He also lent his unique style to lines such as Qee, Trexi, Circus Punks and the Ningyo Project.


#1.  David Horvath - WINNER!!

It's back-to-back wins for the inventor of Uglydolls.  But with 3 new Uglys (Peaco, Chuckanucka and Moxy) and the Secret Mission line released, he was well deserving.  Oh...did I mention the Card Game, Qees, Trexis, Mothman, Flatwoods Monster, Choco and Minty and Little Yoya?

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