The market for mini figures wasn't as strong as in past years.  More companies were going big rather than going small.  But we did find several impressive lines that had collectors chatting up the boards.

#3.  We All Speak Football Trexi - Play Imaginative


Play Imaginative's Trexi line took to the pitch with 25 designs from some of the top designers.  They were told Coca-Cola and Soccer and went to town with reckless abandon.

#2. UniPo Series 2 from UNKL


UNKL Brand released several series of their 2" UniPo figures.  The second series was our favorite of the lot with it's military based theme.

#1. Blow Up Dolls from Jamungo - WINNER!!


Jamungo's introduction into the designer toy foray made collectors crazy for the blind boxed series.  Due to their popularity, Ferg and VanBeater's B.U.D.s were 'blown up' to 9" tall for customizers to take advantage of.

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