Just like last year...I'll let you know that I'm not a fan of clamshell packaging.  Who is?  You need hedge trimmers to get them opened.  Also, twist ties are simply a barrier between you and your toy.  With that said...what do we like?  Great artwork, informative reading and originality.

#3. Kuggs from Blackwater Toys


Designed like a subway car, the Kuggs packaging allows you to combine several boxes to form a complete train.  Do you want to know the story of the line?  It's available on the rear of the packaging.

#2. Star Wars Line from Sideshow Toys


Sideshow's new line of 12" Star Wars figures are not only impressive in and of themselves...but the new packaging rocks!  The box folds out to reveal 2 panels of background reading, a section for accessories and one containing the figure.  Plus, the box is held together with a magnet...very cool!

#1. Mr. Bumper by STRANGEco - WINNER!!


Jim Woodring's vinyl figure was held up in some very impressive packaging.  Looking more like a retro style board game, the box has a great scene of Mr. Bumper on his way down a street.  Maybe that's why STRANGEco has the figure displayed on the box...because they're equally impressive.

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