In stock and shipping NOW at Frozen Empire Toys:

  • Get Small SF Mini Figures
  • UniPo Series 1 by UNKLbrand
  • 3" Red Ninja Trexi by Huck Gee
  • 10" + 3" Trexi Set by Huck Gee
  • 8" Lenin Dunny by Kozik / Kidrobot
  • Sho-Po plops by Kozik / Ningyoushi (Blind Box & Individual Figures)
  • Firefly GID Treeson by Crazy Label
  • 3" Mini / Keychain Treeson by Crazy Label
  • 9" Black Anarchy NADE by Kozik / Jamungo
SQWERTS Special - Buy a full set of 5 SQWERTS by Jamungo for $82.50
Many more items will be coming in soon, just in time for the
holiday season, so be sure to check the website frequently for the

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