PLUS trexi Series 02 (TOUMA + Joe

Play Imaginative is back with their second round of PLUS trexi sets.  PLUS trexi series 01 saw the formidable combination of
Tokidoki + Devilrobots.  And PLUS trexi
series 02
promises to be equally lethal! Two of the
hottest artists today TOUMA + Joe Ledbetter will
team up for this series. What's more, the super rare designs will feature the
designers creating trexi figures in each other's
styles.  See TOUMA's Knuckle bear designed in Joe Ledbetter's
signature style and vice versa!

Release Date: Nov/Dec 2006

Designers: Touma (Japan) + Joe Ledbetter (USA)

No. of Designs: 10 (basic) + 2 (rare) + 2 (super
Sold in: Blind box, blind assortment
Suggested Retail Price: $6.95 per

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