Peaco debuted at San Diego Comic Con as a 2-foot tall Uglydoll that one lucky fan had the chance to bring home.  Look for the latest member of the gang to debut in the near future.  Want to know more about this character?  Read below:

Peaco is very shy.

Well... shy on the outside.

On the inside, Peaco is a wild man!

You can see it in his eyes. All three.

Peaco really shines when he’s
doing what he does best.

Peaco loves to dance in the
water...much to the dread of
his cousin Cinko.

Why dance in the water?
Well, think about it!

When you dance in the water,
no one can see you!

SHY! Remember?

It’s kind of a pain explaining
water dancing to lifeguards though.

Please dance with Peaco.
He’s seen your moves!
(So don’t step on his ears.)

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