The Ectotron Mono toy from Level 5 and Dave Quiles of Me Llamo Jellyfish Studios is an exclusive design to the Uberbot gallery in Winter Park, Florida.  Uberbot is celebrating its 1-year anniversary with the Peanut Butter & Jellyfish Show - featuring the talented artists of Me Llamo Jellyfish (Nakanari, Jorge and Kelly Aponte, Dave Quiles, and Julius Santiago).  This design is being released in conjunction with it.  It was designed as a subconscious tribute to the first show, Ghost in the Shell (which also featured Nakanari, as well as Bloo Empire), and portrays a good-natured, yet tough robot being possessed by an evil apparition that emerged from within.  The pictures are of the color sample from the factory.  The edition size is limited to 100.




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