Mrbunny_1 you remember this toy?  How everyone went crazy over trying to get one?  Well we have a Mr. Bunny figure thanks to Wheaty Wheat Studios and we have thought of a somewhat interesting way of giving it away.

The contest will be exclusive to our Plastic and Plush Discussion Board.  You'll need to signed up and have 25 posts to your name.  Then we are going to take the first 64 people who sign up and enter them into a March Madness style tournament.  Each person will secretly be assigned a toy and then we put those 64 toys into a tournament to decide what's the best designer toy out there.  Whoever was assigned that toy will win Mr. Bunny.  Get it?  Just read it 3 or 4 times...I swear it'll start making sense.

Once we have 64 people...more details will follow.

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