Just in time for the 2006 World Cup, Play Imaginative has released their We All Speak Football line of Trexis.  With 25 designs from around the world, this series (sponsored by Coca-Cola) is for designer toy collectors and soccer fans alike.



Each 3” figure is packaged in a specialized, windowless box that is designed by the specific designer.  Included on the box is artwork as well as information about the designer and figure design.

The Figure

Being a platform toy, if you’ve seen one 3” Trexi, you’ve seen them all.  Well…sort of.  All of the 25 designers give these individual figures a different flavor.  All of them have their own bottle of Coca-Cola…since the line is sponsored by the beverage maker.

Our Opinion

With 25 figures in this line, we are going to split things into a
review of 12 designs and then 13 (tomorrow).  So here they are:

LAB - 7.4/10
Inspired by: Fabric works

P1030144 P1030145

Kei Sawada - 7.8/10
Inspired by: Coke is loved by both the parent and child. These characters transform into great football players, just by drinking Coke. Because of this, people start drinking Coke and enjoying the sport more. The mother of the family is waiting for them to return home to eat the Coke dishes that she has prepared.

P1030140 P1030141

Ryosuke Tei - 8.1/10
Inspired by: A bear has a message that "we all should be hooked on football with LOVE & PEACE & HAPPINESS spirit! Let's forget a silly war!"

P1030179 P1030180

Danny Chan - 9.1/10
Inspired by: Spook Panda is one of the members in the Spooky series! A "Goal Keeper" that loves football! Look out for the other members of the Spooky series!

P1030156 P1030157

Erwin Weber aka Down - 8.3/10
Inspired by: This football suppoorter has only one goal.. that is to be a professional football player, although he practices all of the time.. he never made it happen. This might be the reason why he acts like a hooligan from time to time.. The only thing that calms him down is his favorite drink..

P1030128 P1030129

Darren Gan aka Boner - 7.7/10
Inspired by: I want to cheer and shout out the love for Coke and the sport of football. And what better way than doing a cheerleader. Robo Kong is a character done for trexi series 1, and now translated to suit the likes for this project.

P1030148 P1030149

Tracy Tubera - 8.1/10
Inspired by: Every players' determination, focus, passion and love for the sport.

P1030132 P1030133

Airene Yonia - 8.6/10
Inspired by: A yarn-wrestling kitten

P1030136 P1030137

Jeremyville - 8.9/10
Inspired by: we all secrectly think of ourselves as the number 1 fan of our team, and that's what makes us all similar, and unites us...or something like that.  Maybe my Trexi means something else entirely, like "I'm your number 1 Stalker"

P1030175 P1030176

Jon Burgerman - 9.2/10
Inspired by: The different sides to being a football fan.

P1030160 P1030161

Huck Gee - 8.6/10
Inspired by: I call him Punter. A diehard soccer fan, he's all bundled up in his parka, off to see the local match.

P1030164 P1030165

Jim Koch - 9.3/10
Inspired by: My goofy character is a friend of mine who is a semi-pro soccer athlete. I put a twist on this with our Circus Punk stylized. Just showing all to have a good time with a Coke and a twist of lime.

P1030152 P1030153

Do you want to know how to get your hands on a set of these?  We're giving away the whole set in our discussion board.  That's 25 figures!  Check it out!