We got our first glimpse of the latest Uglydolls at Toy Fair.  Chuckanucka and Moxy had fans talking.  Moxy was just recently released, so we should be seeing Chuckanucka in about 6 weeks or so.  Want to know more about Moxy?  Well read what her tag has to say!

Moxy’s got a lot of moxy.  She’s a real get up and go Ugly, with far more energy than her older brother OX.  Moxy’s favorite activity seems to be bouncing off the walls and jumping in and out of mischief.  Her giant antennas are always on the look out for a good time, and she can hear a party from miles away.  She could hear you coming from all the way back over there!

Are you a part animal?  No?  Would you like to take care of one?  No?

Well that’s because Moxy is here to take care of you.  She can take care of pretty much any problem you may have…it’s a gift of hers.  For example, see how messy your room is?  No problem!  See?  Moxy is on your side.



Moxy doesn’t need to be cooped up in a plastic bag.  How would she
breathe?  She does have a tag with her name and the above info on it.


The Figure

We received all 3 sizes of Moxy to review.  Of course, you know that
these are soft, plush toys.  The regular sized Ugly version is a little
over 16” due to her ears, while the Little Ugly is 9” and the keychain is 5.5”


Our Opinion

What can you say about a pigeon-toed, long-eared Uglydoll?  It’s great
that David and Sun-Min continue to churn out amazing, new designs and
stories.  And it seems that the designs continue to get better.

Of course, the quality is the normal Uglydoll quality…which means
excellent.  You would think that whatever factory is making these
should have the process down pat. 

If these would be any spot that might cause trouble, it would be the
ears.  However, they are stuffed with enough material to make sure that
they stand up straight.

Moxy can be purchased at:

Directly through the Uglydoll site: Regular - $20, Little - $10, Keychain - $6
Panik's Toy Box: Regular - $19.99, Keychain - $5.99

Moxy Grades:

Quality: 9/10
Stitching: 9/10
Durability: 9/10
Hype: 9/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: 9.1/10

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