P1030183 P1030184

Winston Ma – 9.2/10
Inspired by: I would like to express that Coke and Trexi are the most important units on this project. It looks like a Football Referee is the most important person on a Football game. So I’m using my favorite character ‘Ape’ on this design.

P1030191 P1030192

– 8.5/10

Inspired by: The idea came from video consoles, It’s for fun anytime, anywhere. Just like Football brings people together around the world and makes it happy & fun!

P1030187 P1030188

MCA of Evil Design
– 8.7/10

Inspired by: For me when I think of sport matches. What brings all fans together? No matter which team they are rooting for? The Mascot! So I tried to create a Mascot character that would live to do nothing more than make you smile. Whether you are a five year old child excited to be at your first match or you are a 55 year old plumber that had a horrible week & are trying to just relax.. The mascot is there to take the fall & make ya laugh..

P1030195 P1030196

– 8.3/10

Inspired by: Coke and an old Sci-Fi Film. I was thinking about a Kaiju Eiga League that plays football and drinks Coke.

P1030207 P1030208

– 9.2/10

Inspired by: My character is called Knuckle Bear. I used my style and the image of Coke and football together to create this character.

P1030211 P1030212

Huang, Tzu-Chiao
– 7.6/10

Inspired by: Coke mixed with football (including the grass and net) with my eyebrows.

P1030199 P1030200

Rolito – 9.2/10
Inspired by: Games and Grass.

P1030203_1 P1030204

Tim Tsui
– 8.3/10

Inspired by: I saw some football players playing football in a court
and drinking Coke. I kept that image in my head and turned it into my
personal style of art.

P1030215 P1030216

Stephen Lau of e 18 Studio – 7.4/10
Inspired by: The 5 times world cup champions Brazil international
football team, their tactics, and the soft drinks giant Coca-Cola. I
named this character designed as ‘The Red Supremacy’ to reflect the
World number one soft drink, international football team and the world
class striker.

P1030219 P1030220

DGPH – 7.7/10
Inspired by: The idea of an international player fused by all the
nations, representing multicultural fair play. Also taking the original
football values, in vintage clothes and retro types from the 30’s

P1030231 P1030232

Devilrobots – 7.4/10
Inspird by: Coke and football leads on to Shoot and Refresh!

P1030227 P1030228

Mori Chack – 7.4/10
Inspired by: As you see…

P1030223 P1030224

Sam Fout – 9.3/10
Inspired by: The sense of unity that is inherent in the game.

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