Crazy Label Toys will be formally releasing their 2nd toy - Tamo - this coming fall.  However, the mini custom show, called Take a Peek, will be held at the Taipei Toy Festival.

The figures will be 3.5" tall, have 3 different hairstyles and a rotatable head.  Tamo, a toy designed by Alfredo Mejia, is based on a cute, fashionable girl born from a cloud.  Tamo stands for Te Amo, which means I love you in Spanish.

Check out the Crazy Label booth (A14) at TTF06.  Designs from the following artists will be displayed:

Alfredo Mejia, Doktor A., Eddie Hui, Elizabeth Berdann (blu), elio, ESP Crew, idlechimp, James Liu (veggiesomething), Lunartik, MAD, NVC Crew, PlaySkewl, psticks, Shan Michael Evans, SpookyAMD, Triclops, woolloomooloo, and more.


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