New Kaiju Figures!

Max Toy Company will begin taking pre-orders starting Tuesday, May 30th for 2 exclusive vinyl figures.  These will not be officially released or shipped until Gfest (Godzilla Fest in Chicago) on July 7th.


The first exclusive is the Clear Candy Red Hedorah with Glitter.  This figure is made by Marmit and Shono Kikaku and licensed by Toho, LTD.  It’s limited to 100, hand numbered pieces on an original header card. The figure is approximately 9 inches tall and runs $70.00 each (plus shipping and CA sales tax for CA residents).


Exclusive number two is Ghidora in 2 versions.  The first is painted in a classic Bullmark style  (Orange vinyl with green spray and silver accents), while the other is a Black version.  This figure is made by CCP and licensed by Toho, LTD.  It stands about 10 inches tall by 14 inches wide and 11 inches long.  There will be 100 pieces of the orange version and 30 of the black version.  You can only purchase the black version through the Max Toy website (if you’re a Toy Club member).  Each figure runs $75.00 (plus shipping and CA sales tax for CA residents).


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