Over the past few years, Sideshow Toys has expanded their line from prop replicas and 12” figures to distribution, premium format figures and a load of amazing licenses.  In my opinion, their bread and butter is still the 12” figure line.

A recent license addition has been the cult classic film – Scarface.  There are currently 3 Scarface products available through Sideshow – talking Tony Montana (12”), Final Battle Scarface (12”) and the Premium Format Tony Montana.  All of these figures are of Al Pacino’s character Tony Montana aka Scarface.


The 1983 film follows Montana (Pacino) and his path from a Cuban refugee to running a powerful Miami based drug cartel.  You are there to witness his downfall - due to his power, enemies and paranoia.  Over the years, it has become an urban cult-classic and is still as popular now as it was years ago.


Let’s talk about the Talking Tony Montana figure.  This is probably the
most popular version that Sideshow has available.  The figure speaks 9
different phrases
straight from the film. There was also a Sideshow
exclusive version that had 3 additional phrases, however that sold out
a while back.  You can check out all of the phrases here.  Be
forewarned, some of them are not for the kiddies.

The 12” figure has over 30 points of articulation. The sculpting work
is normal Sideshow quality – which means high quality.  It’s a great
likeness of Pacino, complete with the scar over his left eye and tattoo
on his right hand. 


The talking Scarface figure is dressed in a solid white suit with a red
silk shirt.  Definitely reminds me of the 80’s, when I would dress up
in similar outfits, ride my tricycle, and rule the block.  There were
some issues with stray strings around the suit pocket; however, the
clothing quality is still above average.

Accessories include an M-92 pistol, switchblade and 5 bundles of $20
.  The gun is so detailed that you can actually disassemble it
into 5 separate pieces.  The switchblade doesn’t fit well in either
hand, which means it will probably find it’s place sitting on your
Scarface display stand.


Priced at $45, it’s the average price of a Sideshow figure.  Definitely
worth it if you are a fan of the Scarface film or just a Pacino fan.

Talking Tony Montana Grades:
Quality: 9/10
Paint: 9/10
Durability: 8/10
Hype: 5/10
Fun Factor: 8/10

Overall: 9.3/10

All of Sideshow's Scarface figures can be purchased directly their their website.