One of the most sought after Uglydolls in recent memory would have to be the Red Tooth Wedgehead.  With only 200 of them created, they were divided up into groups of 4 and sent out to 50 different shops around the world.

The RTWs have been popping up at random shops for a few months now.  A number of places are giving them away since 4 limited edition Uglies would sell out like hotcakes (never really understood what that meant...are hotcakes big sellers?).  He's only available in the regular sized version and not as a mini.

I had to ask David Horvath exactly what was up with this alternate Wedgehead plush, and why was he so limited.  “When Wedgehead was a wee prototype here at our studio back in 2003, the first factory sample came back with red teeth. Somehow, a photo of that red toothed Wedgehead ended up on many web retailer's websites, causing much confusion.



There were actually 200 of them out there, so the Uglydoll folks
created a new tag and a new story…and a new character was born.
No…they didn’t make Wedgehead have some sort of horrible bleeding gum
disease.  He just ran amok and ate everything in town that was red.
Tomatoes, apples, strawberry milkshakes…all gone!

Red Tooth Wedgehead Grades:
Quality: 9/10
Paint: n/a
Durability: 10/10
Hype: 9/10
Fun Factor: 9/10

Overall: 9.2/10

Good luck trying to find one of these.  I believe that most have been either sold or given away already.  But to pick up a regular Wedgehead or most every other Uglydoll, check out the Official Ugly Store.


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