McFarlane Toys has released a number of new Corpse Bride products.  If you enjoyed Tim Burton’s film, you’ll find yourself in love with these figures.  They are the spitting image of the movie characters.

The Corpse Bride 2-Pack was released as a commemorative set for the release of the movie on DVD.  The set contains two 6” tall action figures of Victor and the Corpse Bride. With the characters having such long legs, I thought this might be an obstacle in creating action figures.  However, McFarlane uses small, attachable bases that help keep the figures balanced.



Five of the characters were also released in the plush format.  Victor,
the Corpse Bride, the Skeleton Boy and Girl and the Maggot
are between
6” and 13” in height.  The only figure that really resembles the movie
character is the maggot plush.  The others are decent likenesses, but
it’s more difficult to properly represent the characters in this format.


McFarlane also released two Fashion Doll figures.  These resemble most
12” tall figures and are extremely detailed – both plastic and cloth.
Victor and the Corpse Bride are the only two who have been released in
this fashion.  These are probably my favorite figures from the film, as
they are the most detailed and realistic of the group.

Panik's Toybox has all of the figures reviewed in stock. 
The 2 Pack: $24.99.  Fashion Dolls: $19.99. Plush Dolls: $11.99



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