Jamungo recently released their first line of figures – Blow Up Dolls.  Otherwise known as B.U.D.s, this blind-boxed line contains 10 figures of varying designs from the likes of Ferg, TVM and Frank Kozik.  All of the figures use the same mold, however, there is a clear and a glow-in-the-dark character.


There is no surprise that B.U.D.s are the best selling line for a number of online designer vinyl sites.  They are high quality and the printing on the plastic is definitely above average.  Plus, they are rather affordable – as you’ll find out at the end of the review.

Series 1 consists of 10 different figures with varying chances of acquiring each one.  You have a 12.5% chance of picking up the most readily available characters, and only a 2.5% chance of the special FBOMB B.U.D. (which isn’t pictured).


BAMOFLAUGE (12.5%) is a fairly basic green camouflage design.  It’s a nice filler design, but probably my least favorite of the group.


BUD (12.5%) is the character you have seen on the packaging.  He looks like a little bomb and is completely black except for his 2 red eyes.  The design is basic…but it works!


NEWK (12.5%) is the
glow-in-the-dark B.U.D. in Series 1.  Since there are so many GID
enthusiasts out there, it’s almost a must to put out a glowing version
in each toy line.  The design work on the figure is lacking…only a
symbol for radiation.


GASATTACK (12.5%) has a painted on gas mask.  Although, it looks more like an alien than an actual gas mask.


UNABOMBER (3.7%) is one of the
more limited characters in Series 1.  Modeled after Ted Kaczynski’s
infamous police sketch, the Unabomber is one of my favorites in this line. 


POSTAL (12.5%) is the purple skinned postal worker.  I’m not sure the connection between postal workers and bombs…hmm.


GHOST (12.5%) is the clear
figure in Series 1.  In addition to a GID, you always need a clear
figure!  It’s fairly simple, but it’s still my favorite design of the


KILLFISH (12.5%) is a scary, blue fish crossed with a bomb.  Not really getting it, but the design is pretty cool nevertheless.


BUDTROOPER (6.25%) is the lone
Kozik design.  He appears to be a carnivorous robot and is one of the
standouts of the first series of B.U.D.s.


RocketPop has both opened (varying) and unopened ($8.75 each) blind boxes.

Paniks Toy Box is carrying opened boxes for $9.99.

3DRetro has blind boxed B.U.D.s for $8.50 each.

Pop Thirteen has the blind boxed figures for $9.99 apiece.

Fugitive Toys has blind boxes available for $8.59.

Wholesale Inquiries can contact Dov Kelemer at DKEToys.com.

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