We’ve been waiting for Android 8 to release some of their own products since Comic Con.  They have indulged us with some exclusives – Octopo, Astronaut Jesus and Opera Dude – but they’ve now presented us with the first Android 8 original figure – Brian Taylor’s Rustboy.

Rustboy is an animation project that Brian Taylor has been grooming to be a short (2 minute-ish) animation.  Taylor is currently in negotiations for a large-scale feature length Rustboy flick.  Here’s hoping that it takes place, because the test shot animations are amazing!


So Android 8 took hold of Brian’s character and turned it into a 7” tall vinyl figure.  The figure comes packaged in a window box.  It has a rather retro feel to it with the XL5 and Android 8 logos on it.  (XL5 design is Brian Taylor’s design site)


Rustboy was to be released in silver and glow-in-the-dark versions.
However, they decided to go with a rusty silver design and a copper
edition.  The rusty silver Rustboy is limited to 850 units and there are only 150 units
of the copper Rustboy.  I definitely like the route they went, as a
copper Rustboy makes more sense than a GID.  (GID maniacs will be upset
with me for that)


The figure itself is extremely cool.  Due to the characters skinny
legs, Rustboy is supported by a base stand.  The base is actually a
part of the figure, so you do not have the option of removing him from
the stand.  There are 5 ball joints for articulation (legs, arms and
head).  Also, the eyes are movable so you can allow him to look in any

This figure really surprised me.  With all of the talk about Android 8
producing Brendan Monroe’s Sours, I think Rustboy might have taken a
back seat.  Unfairly, I must say.  I always like figures with an actual
back-story and Rustboy definitely has that.


Rustboy is exclusively available through the Android 8 website.  Currently, only the rusty silver version is available and they are selling for $50.
Look for some of the copper figures to hit the site in the future.
They are extremely limited, so you’ll need to be on the ball to pick
one up.

Overall Grade: 99%


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