We know you LOVE to win things (especially toys), so here is yet another chance for you to do so.  DarkQueensandLords.com is sponsoring a Discussion Board Contest that gives the winner a choice of 6 different prize packages:

Krypt Kiddies Victory and Blitz Set (When Released)
Little Apple Dolls Series 3 Set of 5
Living Dead Dollies - Series 2 Set (When Released)
Mad L Artist Series 1 Set (When Released)
Series 1 Hanpanda Kingdom Set of 2 - Nyanpan and Usapan
Series 2 Teddy Scares Set (When Released)

Here's what you'll need to do!
Post a photo with you and one of your favorite toys in the following message board thread.  If you have any problems posting the photo, you can email it to me at bcslivka@hotmail.com.  The winner will be chosen by Joann from DarkQueensandLords.com.  The contest ends on April 16th at 12:01 am. (extended from April 9th)

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