One of the most interesting plush pieces we have come across is more than a simple, stuffed heart.  My Beating Heart “is a soft huggable heart with a soothing heartbeat you can really feel”.   It’s something you’d want hold onto…and it probably wouldn’t set on your display shelf.

So how does it work, you ask?  Well, for me to break down the inner-workings of My Beating Heart might get a little technical – and do we REALLY care anyway?  Basically, there is a battery-operated system within the plush heart.   This system creates a heartbeat that changes gradually and is, algorithmically, modeled on the human heart – in a meditative state.  Theoretically speaking – your heart should then sync up with the My Beating Heart’s heartbeat, when hugged.


If you hug a Beating Heart, it might remind you of holding your
favorite pet or cuddling with a loved one. Heartbeats have a powerful
effect on us and produce an array of emotions within. Our hearts
naturally begin to dance and sync with the hearts of others' we hug or
hold. This is a phenomenon humans and animals have observed for ages.
Because this effect can be so powerful, we've worked - and literally
meditated on -- producing a heartbeat in My Beating Heart that provides
solace and relaxation.


Yury Gitman is the artist and inventor responsible for the creation of
My Beating Heart.  There are 2 heart styles currently available – with
4 more becoming available in April 2006.  They are handmade with the
finest UltraSuede and/or Persian Lambskin.  The 2 versions available
now are of the UltraSuede variety.

A couple of interesting tidbits about the plush:

•    If you turn it on and off a couple of times, you will notice that
the beat alternates between a sleepy/meditative beat and an
alter/active beat.
•    Turn on by squeezing the button on the label.
•    If left on, the Beating Heart automatically shuts-down after 22 minutes.
•    The small zipper by the label gives access to the battery – which should last from 1-4 months.

My Beating Heart is currently only available through their website.
They run $120 and are all handmade and “museum quality”.  With a week
until Valentine’s Day, it’s a perfect time to purchase My Beating Heart
for a loved one.  All order placed before February 14th ship out within 24 hours.

Overall Grade: 96%

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