Yoyamart had David and Sun-Min in for a signing the day before Valentine's Day.  They were working overtime this week between Toy Fair, winning Specialty Toy of the Year, signings…  But they took time out to sign some brand new toys from Toy2RLittle Yoya (David’s interpretation of the Yoyamart monkey mascot) and Minty were both available in a very limited quantity – 50 of each.

I was one of the first people there, so I got my hands on each figure.  I thought that the 27 inches of snow might have kept folks away, but the place soon filled up.  You’ll probably need to wait to get the regular versions of Yoya and Minty.  However, this was the only version of Minty with the red eyes and black pupils.


**If you’re interested about the story of Choco and Minty, here is my paraphrased version: They were the spokespeople for a candy bar and have been laid off.  I actually picked up a candy bar (which really does exist) at Yoyamart.


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