double booth was a fairly happening place as usual.  They had a number
of new products on display – both on their production and distribution


Mars-1 Invisible Plan
was released in a special Comic Con version last July.  Well, the
“real” version is out now in a red and a green colorway.  Plus, they
have added 6 additional characters to up the line to 12 figures.


Scarygirl creator Nathan Jurevicius has a brand-spanking newline of super detailed vinyl figures. The characters include Seoop, Arkski, Bennzi, Heenie and Naal
and each figure includes accessories that allow for 2 versions of the
same character.  Look for these to release about 2-3 months apart from
each other.


One of the most talked about figures at the show was Jim Woodring’s Mr. Bumper.  The top segment of the figure is removable, and it brings back memories of figures of yesteryear.


Last year Jeremy Fish gave us Bunnyvan – think a pink rabbit and a caravan mated.  The next figure from Mr. Fish is his Turtle Camper.  It’s the same premise and has movable legs, head and tail.


Dean Bradley has been well known for his Mainframe
character and now it is finally coming to vinyl form.  It’s a
super-poseable figure, toting a keyboard for one hand and an axe in the
other.  Look for camo versions coming out in the near future.







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